Premium Compound-quality for customers worldwide

SITRAPLAS has been successfully producing advanced engineered resins since 2005. We are located in the town of Bünde, Eastern-Westfalia, Germany.  Our product range encompasses everything from resin coloring to formulating custom engineered resin compounds for very specific applications.

A qualified and professional team

The state of the art production and laboratory facilities are operated by more than 40 professionals. This allows us to fabricate custom applications for most major market segments.   

Along with a team of our technicians and engineers, our customer service representatives will be in touch with the customer, from the initial development of the product up to the final optimization of the production process at the customer’s facility. The combination of engineering resins with modifying additives using unique process technologies has created a wide range of speciality compounds. Most of these products are used for automotive, electrical and electronic applications.

Ultra-modern production

We produce high-quality compound solutions in our modern lab equipped with twin-screw extruders and related peripherals. Scaling-up to our production  lines is easily possible by using standardised machine systems. We constantly invest in extensive machinery, advanced laboratory technologies and the development of our employees to guarantee you the best possible benefit from our services.

Responsive. Reliable. Quality conscious. We are always happy to help you!




The process engineering used in our state of the art production facility ensures reliable product consistency. During the manufacturing process all process data and product formulations are recorded electronically. The product is tested extensively according to the requirements of the client application in our modern laboratory.Our company is a registered DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 facility. Continuous internal and external reviews of all processes help to ensure a better quality of our products and services.